7 Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas for Small Bathrooms that Are Very Stunning

Bathroom floor tile ideas for small bathrooms can be done in fun and creative ways. Have you find any tile ideas for your bathroom? Well, there is a simple way to find good idea for decorating your bathroom using tiles. You can go for online shopping. There are many god websites that give good references about tiles designs and styles for your bathroom. After you find the perfect one, you can directly buy it online. It will save much of your energy and time because you don’t have to go from one store to other stores. So, let’ take a look for some famous tiles designs and styles that available nowadays.

Quarry Tile Design
This design has natural color for your bathroom. The main material that used is red clay. Bathroom floor tiles ideas for small bathrooms using quarry tiles will be stunning and amazing. You will bring natural feels into your bathroom. Maybe, the choices of tiles for this design will be limited. But, having it for the floor or wall in your small bathroom will maximize the style and beauty of it.

Mosaic Tile Design

Have ever seen mosaic tile design for floors or walls? It’s very popular and used by many people around the world since hundred years ago. Mosaic tiles for bathroom floor tiles ideas for small bathrooms will bring something contemporary and luxurious. The best shape is rectangular, usually comes in small sizes. Then, it will held together to create some patterns and the texture will reduce slipping. So, it will be safe and stylish. It’s also very durable because it usually comes from stones or ceramics. It can sustain from any substances and you can clean it easily to maintain it always in the good condition.

Glazed Ceramic Tile Design

This kind of ceramic is made by baking materials on its surface. This kind of ceramic tile has natural stones looks. You can choose one that has texture to reduce slipping. It’s a perfect choice for your small bathroom floor. It can also be installed for the walls of your bathroom. It’s easy to clean and maintain because the material is strong and durable.

Porcelain Tile Design

This kind tile design is very famous for the resistant to staining feature. Porcelain is made in high temperature, the material is from clay. It comes in various interesting colors. Bathroom floor tiles ideas for small bathrooms using porcelain will be a good way for maximizing the appearance of your small bathroom. Porcelain has ability to mimic other tiles’ texture, so it will be very helpful for you in making choice.

Decorative Tile Design
Decorative tile design may come in geometrical design or floral patterns. It’s better for you to use same color patterns to create nice and interesting looks in your bathroom. It will create natural and cool atmosphere in the bathroom. A good addition of style to maximize your small bathroom, it’s very attractive. This kind of tiles can be found easily in any stores. You can combine it with other decorative stuffs. So, bathroom floor ideas for small bathrooms also can be done in decorative style.

Natural Stone Tile Design

The natural tile comes from natural materials such as lime stone, granite, marble, and slate. Those are the common materials used for the tiles. It will bring natural beauty into your bathroom, very beautiful and stylish. But, you should be careful because natural stone can be stained easily and can be troublesome for you to clean it. Make sure you have some seals to keep the natural stone always in the good condition.

Terra Cotta Tile

The other bathroom floors ideas for small bathrooms is using terra cotta tile. Have you ever heard about it? Terra cotta tile can be found in some countries such as Italy, Mexico, and Spain. The material is from fired clay that is made by hand or machine. This kind of tile should be sealed properly to reduce staining. It comes in various sizes, shapes, and textures that will give you more option in making choice.

Having floor tiles for your small bathroom can be done in various designs. It depends on you to decide which floor tiles that will be installed. Hopefully, those bathroom floor tile ideas for small bathrooms above will help you in making choice.

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