4 Simple Small Narrow Bathroom Ideas to Overcome the Limited Space Problem

Have you find small bathroom ideas of décor style? Many people it will be difficult to décor their small bathrooms. You can’t just simply ignore the décor style in your bathroom. Maybe you live in a small home or apartment that only have limited space for the bathroom, it should be a problem for you to décor it. Nowadays, there are many references for decorating your small bathroom that you can find easily. When you have small bathroom, you should be motivated to maximized it. If you have stylish and beautiful bathroom, although it’s small, it will enhance overall style and beauty of your home or apartment. There are some tricks that can help you in decorating your small bathroom.

Using Mirrors
One of the best small narrow bathroom ideas is by using mirrors. The use of mirrors for bathroom is very popular for many people. It will create reflection that will make your bathroom looks more spacious. You can use a wall to wall mirror in your bathroom to create cozy and warm atmosphere. You can also add wall mounted shower mirror that can be very helpful and adding more style in your bathroom.

You can also use framing mirror. Will add style and beauty to your bathroom. You don’t need to spend much of your money to have it, just use your old mirror and frame it. Just make sure that the mirror is still in a good condition. The other small narrow bathroom ideas can be done by adding mirror to your vaulted ceiling. It surely will make the bathroom looks more spacious than its actual size.

Coloring Your Bathroom
Choosing the appropriate colors for your bathroom also very important. It will not only add beauty and style but also make your bathroom feel comfortable to be used. Some colors are very popular to be used in bathroom. Lights color will make your bathroom looks more spacious and larger. You can simply apply this color for the wall or floor. Pure white, ivory white, or cream can be a good choice for you. It will minimize the feel of a narrow room because it gives warm and bright feel.

Using bright bold colors can also be one of simple small narrow bathroom ideas. It’s very important for you to avoid using too much bright bold colors because it express strong expressions. Use the bright bold colors only for the accents and make sure that the main colors and also the other stuffs in your bathroom are free from any bright bold colors. For the designs, it’s better for you to choose something simple for your bathroom. You can also add some wall sticker arts with simple designs.
Proper Lighting
It’s very important for you to give good lighting in your bathroom, especially for small bathroom. Many people prefer to use recessed lighting or pendant lighting to be installed in their narrow bathroom. Those kind of lighting are more practical than installing a central mounted lighting. You can also use LED lighting, more efficient but give you good lighting for the entire bathroom. LED lighting is also very popular for its eco-friendly feature.

Use Shower Stall and Add Shelves
The other small narrow bathroom ideas that can be applied is by using shower stall rather than full sized bath tub. You can pick a glass shower stall that is truly very stylish and beautiful. It will not need much space to be installed and can be combined with any shower curtains.

It will be difficult to add some storage in your small bathroom. One of the simplest way to help you in saving space and getting extra storage is by installing adjustable shelves above the toilet. It will be better to choose that is made from glass. You can also add wall-mounted shelves in the corner of your bathroom. Surely it will save the space and give you nice place for storage.

Those simple tips can be applied easily in any small bathrooms. No need to spend much of your money and time.  So, what are you waiting for? Make a decoration concept for your small bathroom and make it stylish by applying some small narrow bathroom ideas.

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